Holley 2140SG / 4000G Carburetor Manual

Complete service manual: Comprehensive factory service information for the Holley 2140SG / 4000G heavy duty concentric carburetor. Includes theory, diagrams and complete overhaul procedures. Fast, secure e-book download.

Covers the Holley 2140SG / 4000G carburetor used on Autocar, Diamond T, Hall-Scott, IHC, REO and White truck applciatons.

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Table of Contents

  • International Harvester Holley 2140G Service Manual
    • Contents
    • Introduction / Description
    • Operation
    • Overhaul
    • Cleaning and Inspection
    • Rebuilding
    • Installation / Service Hints
  • White Holley 2140SG Service Manual
    • Contents
    • Introduction
    • Operation
    • Overhaul
    • Cleaning and Inspection
    • Installation
    • Service Hints
    • Trouble Shooting Charts
  • Specifications
    • Autocar: R-1448, R-1594
    • Diamond T: R-864A, R-977A
    • IHC RD-501 Engine: R-864A, R-977A
    • IHC V-549 Engine: R-987-1A, R-1348A
    • REO: R-1792
    • White Truck: R-1053, R-1169, R-1170, R-1290, R-1291, R-1292, R-1359, R-1448, R-1449, R-1589, R-1590, R-1591, R-1594, R-1597, R-1669
    • White Truck: R-1592, R-1593, R-1594, R-1595, R-1596, R-1597, R-1669

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